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> 2008-03-05
Five new buildings presented on Archiforge

You could review five buildings of arch. Alexandar Asenov, arch. Tsvetomir Krumov, arch. Ivan Dachev, arch. Martin Ryashev, arch. Elitsa Krusteva and arch. Krasimir Yazov.

“DO-House” A Single-family house, Sofia, Bulgaria
The Conception of the project comes from “Pressed piano keys”. The twist of volumes not only creates interesting shape, but it has a functional meaning – a living room facing the “Borisova gradina” park. The house is situated at the corner of two streets and the pedestrian entrance is located at the quieter side.

Museum for contemporary art, Novi Sad, Serbia
A Museum of Contemporary Art - the challenge to recreate one space by imposing a function on it, “dress it” in a certain shape and give it a unique and remembering image. And of course, here is not only the task to design an interesting building but also to make it a significant element of the urban space by animating the space around.

”Bay View” Residential complex, Tsarevo, Bulgaria
As the building is situated at the cape in the northern part of Tsarevo, in-between two bays, the idea of the form emerged from the surrounding landscape. The result was the Greek letter “OMEGA” in plan view.

”Strobilus House” Three-family houses – Bansko, Bulgaria
The forms and design was inspired from the shape of leaves of a single strobilus. The plan view and elevations comprise a module that is suitable for row-houses and single houses. Like strobilus leaves, houses can be adjacent to each other in various type. These combinations are also suitable for plots with great displacement.

”Injan” Fight Club – Sofia, Bulgaria
The architectural design organizes space and functions according to the philosophy of “Thaidzi”. An open inner yard (quietness and relaxation is the white point in the symbol). It is surrounded by the energy of training grounds. The contradiction of the white point is “THE RING” – a black point energy field – surrounded by the positive energy of the spectators.

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