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Residential: Strobilus House

resource name: Strobilus House
resource type: jpg
resource size: 380KB
uploaded on: 2008-03-04 18:52:31
Aleksandar Asenov

additional info:
Category: Residential Buildings (Three-family House)
Architectural Bureau: Sashecco ltd.
Architect: Alexandar Asenov
Investor / Client: Ratola Engineering
Location: Bansko, Bulgaria
Stage: Conceptual Project
Basic Parameters: Area of plot: 8 100 Sq.m.
Built-up Area: 2 700 Sq.m.
Total Built-up Area: 11 000 sq.m.

Project Description:
The project studies the potential of a plot in the town of Bansko for creating a small complex from three-family houses (500 sq.m. each). As a main requirement was each apartment to be about the size
of 150 sq.m. with huge glazing towards the miraculous scenery of
the resort.
The forms and design was inspired from the shape of leaves of a single strobilus. The plan view and elevations comprise a module
that is suitable for row-houses and single houses. Like strobilus leaves, houses can be adjacent to each other in various type. These combinations are also suitable for plots with great displacement.
The architectural design is remembered with huge glazing. Each house has two separate entrances. The design of roof is very
specific corresponding to the surrounding scenery.

af_Ratola (1).jpg
af_Ratola (2).jpg
af_Ratola (3).jpg
af_Ratola (4).jpg
af_Ratola (5).jpg
af_Ratola (6).jpg

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