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public: Fight Club

resource name: Fight Club
resource type: jpg
resource size: 802KB
uploaded on: 2008-03-04 19:04:50
Aleksandar Asenov

additional info:
Category: Public Buildings
Architectural Bureau: Sashecco ltd.
Architect: Alexandar Asenov, Ivan Dachev
Investor / Client: “Akademika 2000” - Sports Club
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Stage: Conceptual Project
Basic Parameters: Built-up Area: 4 000 Sq.m.
Total Built-up Area: 5 100 sq.m.

Project Description:
The task as defined by “Akademika 2000” was to study the potential
of a Sports Hall specially designed for a fight club with a small recreation center and accommodation.

The Balance between physical and spiritual strength is THE goal of every man and is a leading philosophy in fight arts. In Chinese philosophy the contradictions are marked with the symbols “IN” and “JAN”, which are the two main structural elements of The Universe. Together they form a circle called – “Thaidzi”. The fight arts are
a way of achieving completion point and fighter is one takes the challenge of this long journey. The environment in which the fighter practices, we have subdued to the principle of contradictions
– fluently flowing into one another and forming perfection.

The architectural design organizes space and functions according to the philosophy of “Thaidzi”. An open inner yard (quietness and relaxation is the white point in the symbol). It is surrounded by the energy of training grounds. The contradiction of the white point is
“THE RING” – a black point energy field – surrounded by the positive energy of the spectators.
The event hall is surrounded by shopping areas, situated under the tribunes. The shapes of the building are also subdued to contradiciotns and flows. Sharp edges and forms are avoided. Contrast materials and colors are used to underline the main

af_TITLE 2-0.jpg
af_VARIANT 2-1_TEXT.jpg
af_VARIANT 2-2_viz.jpg
af_VARIANT 2-2_viz?_im.jpg
af_VARIANT 2-3_plans.jpg
af_VARIANT 2-4_axonometry.jpg
af_VARIANT 2-5_elev.jpg

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